Hello Exile, welcome!

Here you can find the best information collected from the internet and from my own experience.
The idea of PoE Companion is to become one day the app you look every league, during pre-league phases up to the last day. From searching builds, guides, videos from the best creators all in one place. Carefully curated so that you experience the best content out there.
But why do you need a website to help you play and not just play the gaming?
Good question! Path of Exile really is a complicated game to master it!
But what if you are just joining the game and want to have fun? the game has a lot to offer for that too! It might have a steep learning curve but that's why I created PoE Companion. To help you on this journey.

But where do I start?

First, play the game. Enjoy as any other game and see what you find interesting, what you like or not. Read more about classes and ascendancies on the Path of Exile website. And go crazy with your choices, build a Witch with 2-hand-sword? you can, might not do great or maybe it will. That's the great part about Path of Exile. You can build your character in any way you like.
Second, use a premade build (Check our listed builds here). If you want to have support on how to play a character, that's the best option. We curate the content from the best creators from the official forum and YouTube. Or build one yourself, more on that later...

But, what is a build?

Build is referring to the act of building a character Or a guide to build such character.
Do you need one? no. But it can help a lot! People can be quite incredible and create a super customized build with all the details you need to go from level zero to a 100(Maximum level, not quite easy to get there) with budget options(yeah, builds could get expensive to build it) and much more. This is a great(the best one imo) forum build made by Kay Gaming (check her YouTube channel)

My personal recommendations

Check this great video below from BigDucks about how to choose a league starter(a build viable, budget and difficulty, to start the league)
BigDuck's how to choose a league starter videoYouTube Play Button
Want more? there is also this whole guide series made by Zizaran called PoE University. An amazing work that is super helpful to every player. Not just beginners.
Zizaran's Path of Exile 101 UniversityYouTube Play Button

Quick tips

  • PoE monsters drop too many items. More than you ever need. Please, use a filter, yes, that's a thing. We just accept and move on. Hopefully GGG, will rethink this one day.
  • How to get a filter? Go to filterblade.xyz. Go to Download(top right). Click option 2(Download file). Follow their instructions and you are good to go.
  • Builds talk about PoB or PoB link, this is a link to a file that you can load over the Path of Building app, an app that you loads items and the passive skill tree for you to follow while building your character. Here is the link to the Path of Building (Community version, where people contribute to the code to improve the app and quickly update to the latest league)
  • Find more helpful links over grinding.zone